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Spring Theater 2014 - Mendicants in Les Mis

No fewer than seven Mendicants were involved in Stanford's recent
production of Les Misérables. Current and alumni members worked
on the show both onstage and behind the scenes: Rob Biedry (Assistant
Producer) and James Spicer (Vocal Director) on staff, and actors Brady
Richter (Thenardier), Jeff Bennett (Courfeyrac), Eric Hallett (Montparnasse),
Peter Kurzner (Prouvaire) and Alexander Ronneburg (Babet, Joly).
Mendicants Brady Richter as Thenardier (Center),
Alexander Ronneburg as Babet (L) and Eric Hallett as
Montparnasse (R) discuss their nefarious plans.
Photo credit: Frank Chen

Spring Tour 2014 - Hollywood and L.A!

We're on tour! We'll be in Hollywood all week, singing gigs, busking and hanging out on the beach. We're performing at the world-famous Whisky a Go Go bar on Sunset Boulevard on Sunday 23rd March, and will be doing more performances throughout the week. Keep up with our movements on Facebook, or wander round L.A. in the hope of catching us on a street corner...

Spring Tour 2014 - Everything

Winter Show 2014 - The Redcoats are Coming!

Come and see what happens when a dictatorial director tries to take over the Mendicants. Quench your rebellious spirits with an evening of revolution, bloodshed and smooth vocal harmonies. Tridents will be shattered, wars will be fought and lost - all to the sound of the trademark Mendicant blend. We'll be singing new songs as well as perennial favorites.
See you in Toyon Hall at 7:30pm on Saturday 1st March for skits, songs and videos!

Winter Show 2014 - True Colors
Winter Show 2014 - Everything

Parents' Weekend 2014 - Entertainment Extravaganza

We will be performing in the Entertainment Extravaganza as part of the celebrations marking Parents' Weekend 2014! The show will be in Memorial Auditorium at 4pm on Saturday 22nd Februrary. Our set will include a premiere of our new arrangement of L.O.V.E. as well as new favorites Loch Lomond and Who Loves You.
Parents' Weekend 2014 - L.O.V.E.
Parents' Weekend 2014 - Who Loves You

Parents' Weekend 2014 - President's Reception

On Thursday 20th Februrary we'll be performing at President Hennessy's reception for parents as part of Parents' Weekend 2014. Make sure your parents get tickets!

Photo credit: Steve Castillo

Winter Tour 2014!

We'll be spending MLK weekend on tour in Los Angeles, doing a
number of performances including our annual concert for the Stanford
Alumni Club of San Diego. We'll be performing at St. James'-by-the-Sea,
La Jolla, at 2pm on Sunday 19th January.
Get your tickets soon to avoid disappointment!

Fall Show 2013 - A Very MendiPoint Christmas

Our Fall 2013 Holiday show will be at 7:30pm in Toyon Hall on Friday, December 5th! We join
with Counterpoint for an evening of festive songs and carols. We'll be performing joint
numbers with Counterpoint as well as by ourselves. Let our smooth vocals lighten up your
Dead Week. Hope to see you there!

Fall Show 2014: O Holy Night
Fall Show 2014: Jingle Bells

1963 - 2013: The Mendicants' 50th Anniversary Weekend!

It's been almost 50 years since that fateful day in Branner Hall, and the Mendicants will be celebrating their birthday in style! Almost 200 Mendicant alumni will be returning to Stanford for the weekend, culminating with a massive show in the iconic Bing Concert Hall.
The show is at 7:30pm on Saturday 26th October, and tickets can be found here!
Songs from throughout Mendicant history will be performed by the groups who sang them first, who include the original 1963 'Founding Fathers' (they've still got it!), and the current Mendicants who are just three weeks into the new year.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime show that you do not want to miss!

New Mendicants 2013!

We are thrilled to welcome eight new Mendicants this year, all of whom impressed us with their musicality, vocal flair and performing style:
Jeff Bennett
Zach Esrig
Will Fein
Alex Feldman
Lachlan Green
Peter Kurzner
Ian Lim
Alexander Ronneburg

Congratulations to them, and many thanks to all who auditioned!

Auditions 2013

Audition signups are now closed. Good luck to everyone who auditioned!

Spring Show 2013 - How To Get Out of the Friendicant Zone

Our Spring 2013 show will be at 7pm in Cubberley Auditorium on Saturday, May 25th!
The theme is How to Get Out of the Friendicant Zone, and we'll have our panel
of leading experts giving you tips. Hope to see you there!

Spring Tour 2014 - New York & Boston!

For our 2014 Spring Tour, we spent a week traveling the East Coast,
singing numerous gigs between Manhattan and Boston, including at
Harvard and for the audience of David Letterman's Late Show.

Winter Show 2013 - The Amazing SpiderMendicants

Our Winter 2013 show will be at 7:30pm in Toyon Hall on Saturday, January 26th!
The theme is Spider Mendicants, so get ready for web-slinging awesomeness!

Winter Tour 2013!

We'll be spending MLK weekend on tour in Los Angeles, doing a number of performances including our annual concert for the Stanford Alumni Club of San Diego. We'll be performing at St. James'-by-the-Sea, La Jolla at 2pm on Sunday 20th January.
Get your tickets soon to avoid disappointment!

Winter Tour 2013 - Brown-Eyed Girl
Winter Tour 2013 - Sh-Boom

Auditions 2012

Auditions are here! Sign up in white plaza or at our home page.
Auditions include pitch and rhythm exercises and a song of your choice.
We can't wait to see you there!

Spring Show 2012

The Mendicants Go to Sesame Street

Spring Show 2012

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