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Who We Are

Stanford's Original A Cappella Group

The Mendicants are 14 guys devoted to performing the best songs of today, yesterday and several decades ago. We pride ourselves on our wide range of song styles, from gospel and barbershop to original compositions, jazz standards and contemporary pop. You can see us on stage, serenading in stairwells, or even just breaking out into song around campus. And if you can't find us? Just follow the trail of swooning women... we won't be far ahead.

Latest Events

Spring Show 2014 - Mendicant Murder Mystery

Spring show is almost here! The theme is "Mendicant Murder Mystery," and it'll be in Toyon on May 9th, 2014 at 7:30pm! Come see the Mendicants' biggest show of the 2013-14 academic year!

Spring Tour 2014 - Hollywood and L.A!

We're on tour! We'll be in Hollywood all week, singing gigs, busking and hanging out on the beach. We're performing at the world-famous Whisky a Go Go bar on Sunset Boulevard on Sunday 23rd March, and will be doing more performances throughout the week. Keep up with our movements on Facebook, or wander round L.A. in the hope of catching us on a street corner...

Spring Tour 2014 - Everything

Winter Show 2014 - The Redcoats are Coming!

Come and see what happens when a dictatorial director tries to take over the Mendicants. Quench your rebellious spirits with an evening of revolution, bloodshed and smooth vocal harmonies. Tridents will be shattered, wars will be fought and lost - all to the sound of the trademark Mendicant blend. We'll be singing new songs as well as perennial favorites.
See you in Toyon Hall at 7:30pm on Saturday 1st March for skits, songs and videos!

Winter Show 2014 - True Colors
Winter Show 2014 - Everything

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