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Mendicant Auditions 2016

Auditions begin Tuesday, September 27, but the whole week before we'll be hanging out in White Plaza so you can get to know us a little better. We'll also be performing at the O Show a cappella showcase on Monday, September 26 in Memorial Auditorium, and we've got quite the show planned so don't miss it!

Enrolled Stanford students of any class are welcome to audition, not just freshmen. Can't wait to see you rock your stuff at auditions!

- The Mendicants

Stanford's Original A Cappella Group

The Mendicants are 14 guys devoted to performing the best songs of today, yesterday and several decades ago. We pride ourselves on our wide range of styles, from gospel and barbershop to original compositions, jazz standards and contemporary pop. You can see us on stage, serenading in stairwells, or even just breaking out into song around campus.


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